In Less Time Than You Think
You Can Train to Become a
Licensed Profiting from Your Passions®
Career Coach And Launch Yourself Into
A Whole New Career — and Life

(Even If You Have No Prior Coaching Experience)

Valerie Young C

Changing Course Founder & Award-Winning Author Dr. Valerie Young

Become licensed to use a proven 7-step coaching system to help clients brainstorm “outside the job box” ways they can turn their interests into income

Quickly gain confidence in your ability to successfully work with paying clients or workshop attendees

Learn simple, low- and no-cost marketing techniques to attract your ideal client

Best of all… discover all the different ways you can get paid to do what comes naturally

Dear “Outside the Box” Thinker,

Hi, I’m Dr. Valerie Young.

And the fact that you’re reading this tells me that you and I have a lot in common. What I mean is…

  •  Are you a creative problem solver who instinctively jumps in to help others?Woman working at home on laptop computer
  • Are you always turning other people on to resources and alternatives they never knew existed?
  • Do you constantly think up potential business ideas?
  • Do you love thinking creatively and “outside of the box”?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions I bet people like talking to you. Maybe they even seek you out…

And why wouldn’t they? After all, thinking about creative ways to make a living without a “job-job” is something that for you just comes, well… naturally.

Whether you’re already a coach and are looking to add another specialty to your current practice or like most of the previous students…

Or you have no prior coach training… starting this April you can learn how to start your own coaching business or add more value to your current practice… and income in your pocket.

Before you go any further, let me be very clear.

If you’re looking for more traditional career counseling training – the kind that prepares people to find their ideal job – then training to become a licensed Profiting From Your Passions® career coach is definitely not for you.

This program is NOT about counseling people who want to be a junior accountant, a human resources manager, or a pharmaceutical rep.

This program has nothing whatsoever to do with the world of job searches, resumes, or interview skills.

Quite the contrary…

Being a Profiting From Your Passion® career coach is all about helping people see all the different ways there are to create a livelihood doing what they love – without a “job-job.”

Traditional career advising and coaching people to think “outside of the job box” could not be more different.

These differences are explained in great detail in my information video. I call them the…

7 Secrets Your High School Guidance Counselor,
Your College Career Advisor, And Even Your Own Family
Never Told You About Profiting From Your Passion


I’m not going to repeat everything in the video here.

But I will say this…

Once you grasp just how truly unique the Profiting From Your Passions® approach is – and how vastly different it views the world of work compared to the job-centric career advising offered in high school or college – I can assure you, you’ll never look at things the same again.

The point I want to make right now is something I suspect you already know…

More than ever before, people are hungry for
work that both pays the bills and feeds their soul.

People whose jobs are being eliminated now realize that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting their own business.

After all you can’t fire yourself!

People in the early stages of retirement are looking for ways to earn some extra money.

Even people whose jobs are “secure” now realize the wisdom of starting some kind of small business on the side.

In fact, financial guru Suze Orman insists that people who have never thought about self-employment — should be.

In a 2012 CNN interview Orman said …


People are going to have to become entrepreneurial; they’re going to have to become their own bosses. The days of working for a corporation, you get a pension after 30 years and health benefits [are] gone.

So, if you really want to be secure, you’re going to have to be your own boss… [And] since the jobs aren’t here they have to create a job for themselves.

Then there is the tremendous shift in attitudes among workers…

  • Even in the midst of recession, 51% of people from 34 countries in
    North America, Europe, & Asia Pacific said they would sacrifice status
    and pay for more meaningful work. (Kelly Global Workforce Index Survey)
  • And half the respondents surveyed by the Pew Research Center rated
    having a job you enjoy as being “extremely important.”

But up until recently only a lucky few got to have it all — satisfying work, freedom, and flexibility.

All of that is changing. And when you sign on the train to become a licensed Profiting From Your Passion® career coach, you can be part of what is sure to be the next Big Wave in coaching.

But don’t take my word for it. Look at the trends yourself…

The Kauffman Foundation, the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship, reports the number of people starting a business has continued to grow year after year.

Notable among their findings is that:

  • Baby boomers aged 55 to 64 represent the most significant spike in people starting their own businesses in the US. This same trend has been found in Canada.
  • Increasing numbers of people in minority groups including Latinos, Asian American, and African Americans are jumping into self-employment

And according to other researchers, women of color are starting businesses at 3-5 times the rate of other business owners

This trend toward self-bossing is also international.

A survey by the Bank of Montreal found 57 percent of Canadian women dream of launching a business doing “something they love.”

Apparently some are doing more than just dreaming.

Because in 2011, 950,000 Canadian women were self-employed – a 23-percent increase over previous decade!

And the number of new businesses is growing in the UK too with the biggest jump happening in 2013.

What’s more, this latest rise is being driven by the growth in the numbers of sole proprietorships (62.6%). And that’s your ideal client!

I’ve personally coached clients from Pakistan, Kenya, the UK, Australia, Spain, Uruguay and the United Arab Emirates.

And while we’re on the topic of international trends…

According to Travel Market Report, a whopping 33 million baby boomers plan to retire abroad.

Not surprising then that in the last three years, attendance at International Living magazine’s annual conference for people who want to retire overseas, has nearly doubled.

Statistics are of course confirming. Really though, I could have just looked to from my own experience.


A few years ago I was invited to travel to Paris to speak at a seminar for people who wanted to learn about travel writing and travel photography!

I got to educate fascinating people from all over the world about how to create multiple profit centers.

Plus, I spent five fabulous days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

A year later International Living magazine asked me to speak at one of their conferences. This time in Panama!


Why would International Living magazine want a Profiting From Your Passion® expert to speak at their conference?


It’s nearly impossible for a non-citizen to legally get employment in another country. But starting a small locally-based business is relatively easy.

Others want to find some kind of portable income stream that serves customers back in their home country.

In both of these cases, people need someone who knows how to help them come up with income-generating ideas that are “outside the job box.”

That’s what makes ex-pats such a great niche!

I’m really just scratching the surface here.

If you watched Paid to Brainstorm Part 2 then you already know that the second half is entirely dedicated to potential niche markets.

Markets you can tap to get paid to brainstorm.

In the past Profiting From Your Passions® coaches have worked with niche markets like:

  • Retiring military personnel
  • Military spouses who need a portable income
  • Hollywood directors, producers, actors, and technicians needing flexible ways to make money between gigs
  • “Recovering” attorneys… engineers… you name it

When you get right down to it… it’s all about putting the power of “multiple income streams” to work for you.

In addition, most people come into the program thinking way too narrowly who their future clients or customers might be.

That’s why the course covers in detail, how to discover the “hidden money” by going beyond the obvious client who wants a 1-1 coaching session.

Once you master this simple but powerful process you will be able to recognize income-generating opportunities that most people, even those with existing businesses, simply miss.

But that’s not all. You can also…

Partner With Organizations or Individuals Who Have a Stake in the Career Transition Process

Widen your lens and you’ll discover that there are lots of organizations and entities who have some kind of a stake in helping people address career transition issues.

I’m thinking here of…

  • lightbulbCollege Career Centers who need help expanding beyond the traditional job centric service model of resumes, interviewing, and job searches
  • Adult education programs in your local community looking for new seminar topics
  • College and alumni associations seeking to help members in career transition
  • Parents looking to help their high school or college graduates find a direction (and get out on their own!)
  • Financial planners who want to co-lead seminars for baby-boomers on how to finance their retirement
  • Libraries that sponsor workshops and discussion groups
  • Outplacement firms
  • Non-profits that help teen-agers or others find work

Even organizations that provide transition services for retiring employees can use your services. I know because I had a contract with a government agency just outside of Washington DC that wanted to introduce their thousands of soon-to-be 50-58 year old retiring employees to “outside the job box” career alternatives.

So every month for two years, they paid me $1600 a day plus travel to deliver a half-day workshop to their employees.

As you can see…

Today it seems practically everyone
wants to “cash in on their passion”

And that’s exactly what the Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach System helps people do.

It is the first and ONLY entrepreneurial-oriented career coaching training system to hand you a proven blueprint to working with clients who want to turn their interests into income.

This hunger for more meaningful work and for more control over one’s life and time is truly universal.

Nearly 275 people have taken this program from all over the world…world

From Singapore, Kenya, Norway, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, the UK, Italy, Uganda, Barbados, Sweden, Trinidad, Nigeria, even Kazakhstan.

Some discovered how to create a profitable add-on income stream to their existing coaching business. Others launched themselves into a whole new first-time business.

Without a doubt: There’s plenty of room on this path.

All you need is someone to show you how.

That’s why beginning this April you have the opportunity to train with me, Dr. Valerie Young.

Class Format & Logistics

This is a 12-week on-line training. There will be 2 classes weekly for a total of 24 classes.

All classes are delivered via Webinars taught by Dr. Valerie Young.

Class begins April 21st, 2014

Monday and Wednesday from 12:00 to approximately 1:00PM ET

Classes don’t fit your schedule?

No problem!

Replay classes will be available Tuesday/Thursday at 8PM ET and all the replays will be available online afterwards.

That way you can watch the latest class anytime for easy viewing on your schedule… In the evening… before you leave for work… on your lunch break… over the weekend.

Plus you can return to a previous class anytime to watch again and again.

As long as you’re able to carve out a few hours over the course of an entire week — you won’t miss a thing!

*Some classes are slightly under an hour, one is 1.5 hours

But you also get to learn along with fellow participants. That’s because the course offers support during – and after – the formal 12-week course ends.

Simply said, when you launch your exciting new career as a licensed Profiting From Your Passions® career coach you will receive everything you need to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to work with paying clients.

Success in any new endeavor requires three things:

The Right Training + The Right Tools + The Right Support

As you are about to discover, the Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach Training and Business Start Up Program includes these – and much more.

Profit From your passion 1
The Right Training

The training portion of the program is extensive and covers three areas essential to your success in this coaching arena.

1) The Profiting From Your Passions® Formula

PFYPFormula-SpiralThe first phase of the training is where you will master Dr. Valerie Young’s 7 Step Coaching System.

It is a system that has proven successful time and again in helping people who want to be their own boss to find a viable path.

It’s called the Profiting from Your Passions® Formula. And it covers all the key concepts and practices you’ll use in brainstorming sessions with your clients.

Central to the process is a system you can use to connect the dots between your client’s ideal life, their passions, and ways he or she make money without a job.

In fact over the course of the entire program you’ll be exposed to over 60 potential “dots.”

connectdotsOnce you learn how to connect seemingly unrelated pieces of information, you’ll be able to readily help your client see income-generating opportunities they very likely would have never otherwise seen.

(Paid to Brainstorm Video 1 addresses the “connecting the dots” process in detail. If you missed it, you can still sign up now to watch.)

This first phase of your training is where you will:

  • Learn how to use the Life First-Work Second Approach© to career planning. That way you can ensure that whatever ideas you come up with, will pass the all-important “life test”
  • Discover how to see often unrecognized “assets” – assets that your client can readily turn into income
  • Understand the 5 forms income streams can take so you can come up with ideas faster
  • Discover how to serve as an “Opportunity Detective.” This is where you learn the 5 Places to Look for Income Streams. Once you understand where to look for income-generating ideas, I guarantee you will never look at the world the same again
  • Learn a unique process to instantly help clients see beyond the most obvious sources of income. Once you understand this process you’ll be able to help your clients to tap into the real money potential

Serving your client doesn’t end once you’ve shown them one, and often multiple, income-generating ideas.

The Profiting From Your Passions® Formula will also prepare you to point your client to resources they need to develop that idea into a viable profit center.

You will learn both where and how to find the essential resources your client need to move ahead. That way your client can more rapidly move from idea to implementation.

This is also where you learn simple but highly-effective techniques you can use to easily handle typical client fears and self-doubt. To be clear — these are not your typical coaching strategies.

The techniques covered are specific to the kinds of inner barriers that are unique to people making a first time venture into self-employment.

If that’s your situation as well, these are techniques you may well draw upon to help yourself.

The coaching system you’ll receive is easily adaptable to a range of formats. You could offer a single 90-minute session as Valerie does.

If you prefer to step back and reflect between sessions you can easily break your consultations up into two 45 minute sessions, or three 1-hour sessions.

Or you can simply integrate the process as a natural extension of your own custom designed multi-week/month coaching package.

That’s the beauty of this 7-step coaching system.

Once you learn it, it’s infinitely adaptable to your preferred coaching style or practice.

By the end of this module you will have total confidence in your ability to do this work.

Plus, to enhance your learning even more, the entire Profiting From Your Passion® Formula coaching protocol is also laid out in this easy to follow manual.

This manual includes worksheets and additional tools to further boost your skills and confidence.

2) You’ll Learn How to Work With Clients Including
What To Do Before, During, and After a Session

PFYPConsultSession-SpiralOnce you have a firm knowledge of the Profiting from Your Passions® Formula we’ll turn to how to work with clients.

This part of the training will be extensive and will include…

  • How to add value to your consultations and begin helping your clients literally in the first five minutes.
  • How to use the client’s pre-work to prepare for the coaching session to allow you to more quickly zoom in on promising profit centers.
  • How to increase your confidence and effectiveness by generating a list of client questions days before you even meet. I’m not talking about cookie cutter questions. I mean questions that are unique to each client’s gifts and interests.
  • Subtle, but important flags that tell you that a client is settling for less than they really want… and deserve.
  • Specific ways to help a client who lacks the self-confidence to act on their dream.
  • Amazingly simple, yet powerful, ways to turn seemingly unrelated things you’ve somehow just “picked up” in your life into pivotal learning moments for your clients.
  • The one thing you absolutely must tell your clients about fear.
  • How to quickly find key resources that can help your clients turn their idea into reality.
  • Specific techniques you can use to help your client develop expertise and a track record even when they have absolutely no experience or track record – techniques you can easily apply to yourself!
  • The one simple question that can significantly widen income generating opportunities for your clients (and for you!) I can’t emphasize enough the impact these four little words can have on expanding opportunities and generating significantly far more income.

The intensive training from me on how to work with clients is only one part of what you receive.

To get you up to speed (and earning income) quickly you also receive additional resources that you can refer to long after the classroom portion of your training is complete.

I hope you can see by now that…

Opportunity Truly Is Knocking

Once you are armed with the knowledge and skills you’ll have what you need to serve the people who most need your help.


For instance, when I surveyed my 26,000 Changing Course newsletter subscribers I found out that 26.7% aren’t even sure what it is they love to do.

Another 21.7% have the opposite problem. They have so many interests that they can’t decide what to do.

And get this…

Of those who know what they love to do, 89.3% said they have no idea how to monetize these interests.

3) Learn By Example With Recordings of 10 Actual Client Sessions

What you may not know about Valerie is before striking out on her own, she earned a doctoral degree in adult education.

headphonesThat training is what led her to be a big believer in the power of learning by example.

One reason the people who have trained with Valerie come off sounding like a total pro in their very first coaching session is they had the benefit of learning from 10 Client Case Study Recordings.

These are full-length recordings of Valerie working with real clients and they are included as part of the course.

You get to be a “fly on the wall” to listen in as a master “monetization” expert works with actual clients. It’s your chance to experience first-hand the Profiting from Your Passion® Formula in action.

This is not to say you can’t interject your own “style.” In fact, we encourage it!

It’s why we included one recorded session where one piece of information which the client assumed to be totally irrelevant prompted me to go totally “off script” — with amazing results for my client!

The opportunities don’t stop here.

As you assess the need for this kind of work, make sure you also look at who else has a vested interest in helping, serving, or encouraging small business owners?

For example, I once partnered with a local bank that had an interest in developing relationships with small business owners.

They not only let me use their conference room to lead a weekly seminar on how to take a new business to the next level — they handled the advertising too!  Sweet!

Chambers of Commerce are always looking for value-added services to help their members become more profitable.

And if you’re ready to really step up your game, you can always seek out corporate sponsors.

Companies like UPS, Constant Contact, and American Express have a reputation for supporting entrepreneurial conferences, webinars, contests, and other initiatives.

Why? Because they want to get their brand in front of potential customers!

This is precisely the reason why we added two additional case studies that will help you expand your practice beyond the typical path seeker to include the often overlooked niche market of current business owners.

It should come as no surprise that people who already have a business can also benefit from working with a trained expert who can help them see additional profit centers.

After all, just because someone has a business doesn’t mean they think entrepreneurially!

That’s why in the latest version of the course, we’ve included two additional case studies to better prepare you to serve clients who already have their own business.

Current Business Owner Case Study #1

Listen and learn from a team brainstorming session with a tea-lover named Gay Grace.


With sky-high rents in Boston, Gay knew she couldn’t afford to open her own tea room.

So she bought a panel truck, had it painted to resemble a lovely English garden look, and started her own mobile tea room!

Gay has since sold her business – at a profit.

But before she did, a group of trained Profiting From Your Passions® coaches and me helped a very grateful Gay see ways she was leaving money on the table.

Current Business Owner Case Study #2

Sometimes all a business owner needs is an objective person who can see the potential they’re missing.

So when a struggling worm farm owner contacted me to say he was so discouraged he was about to close up shop and get a j-o-b, once again a team of coaches volunteered to help.

For free!

If you are an experienced coach then you probably know what happened. You guessed it – the desperate worm farm owner never showed up for the call!

Proof yet again, that the people who get something for free are often the ones who value it the least. And that’s exactly what happened here.

But here’s the fascinating part.

Me and my eager team of idea-generators went ahead without him!

They researched the worm farming field for best practices, reviewed information from the owner’s email communication with me, and even critiqued the guy’s website for lost opportunities – all of which led to dozens of valuable ideas!

The coaches on this call learned a ton from this experience. Fortunately we recorded the whole thing. So now you can too.

The fact of the matter is, over the years I’ve really has perfected this “formula” for helping people see how they can turn their interests into income. And I’m only too happy to share it with you.

To shorten the learning curve and start earning money faster, you’ll get the benefit of hearing me follow this formula to a “T.”

4) Plus Receive Written Transcripts of all 10 Client Case Studies


I know some people learn better by reading. So we also had all the recordings transcribed.

At 412 pages, it was a lot of work.

It was worth it though because this way if you want to revisit something you heard on the audio recording later – you can.

Let’s say for example, that you wanted to find a specific resource I suggested to a particular client. But you don’t want to take the time to re-listen to the entire recording to find it.

Not a problem.

For the convenience of our students, the Client Case Study Transcripts are available for you to download. That way all you have to do is do a search for whatever key terms you’re looking for – and voila!

If you prefer to learn by reading and highlighting, you’ll find these 300+ pages an invaluable resource.

Plus I created a special tool to use while you listen to ensure you get the maximum learning value out of each case study during the class – and long-after.

Listening and learning from these actual client sessions is guaranteed to rapidly accelerate your progression from gifted helper to professional – and paid – coach.

Just to be clear. These are not staged role plays.

These are real clients who ask real questions and leave with real advice – the kind of advice you can easily use with your own clients. You’ll even get to see the exact pre-work each client sent to me prior to the client appointment.

That way, before you ever listen to how I conducted the session, you can practice prepping with the client’s assignment, just as you would if they were your own client.

Being able to both read the client’s pre-work and then listen to the live coaching session where I used that information to connect the dots for the client will drastically cut your learning curve.

Some of the recordings will surprise you. Like the client with a passion for real estate investing. Here’s the rub – he’s totally blind! (Wait until you hear the idea I came up with for him.)

Then there’s the session I ended after just 10 minutes. Why? Because I knew from experience just from reading the pre-assignment what this client should be doing. My attitude was why waste the client’s money or my time?

5) The Marketing Know-How You Need to Attract
Clients and Grow Your Practice


Being a great career consultant won’t mean much if you don’t have any clients.

That’s why the training portion of the program is dedicated to showing you how to market yourself and otherwise attract clients — even if you hate “selling.”

This is where you learn:

  • How to find and attract clients who want what you have to offer
  • Creative ways to get the word out about your practice with little or no money
  • Self-promotion techniques that work even if you are an introvert
  • How to establish a track record when you have zero experience
  • Learn a powerful 30-second response to the question “What do you do?” that’s guaranteed to pique interest and referrals
  • Why you don’t need an online business to find paying clients
  • How to get a professionally-designed website designed for free
  • How to partner with well-respected (and often overlooked) local businesses with a direct stake in sponsoring and promoting your workshops

With my in-class guidance — and the help of handy worksheets — you’ll design a business that works for you, your personality, and your desired lifestyle.

You’ll get the information and insight you need to determine what you want to offer, who you want to offer it to, how you want to offer it, even what to charge.

But that’s not all. If you don’t have any experience writing effective marketing copy, you’ll be delighted to know that the marketing training portion of the course comes with another invaluable resource.

This is where we get into the Tools portion of the course. For starters, your training includes:

Profit From your passion 1
The Right Tools

6) The Profiting From Your Passions® Website & Marketing Guide


This comprehensive 150+ page guide will give you concrete advice and guidelines for describing this new coaching specialty on your Website or Blog.

To make it as easy as possible to get started you will be handed prepared “What to say” marketing materials written by a professional copywriter.

In other words, we spent several thousands of dollars to hire an experienced marketing copywriter so you wouldn’t have to.

Instead you can literally copy and paste the copy into your website, brochure, blog, emails or whatever form you like. There really is no easier or faster way to launch your new Profiting From Your Passions® career coach practice.

7) Plus You Receive Additional Client Attraction and Marketing Training From Two of the World’s Top Experts

Widely recognized as one of the world’s top creative marketing experts Marcia Yudkin excels at turning words and ideas into money.

She is the author of a whopping 11 books including 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading on Paper, Website Marketing Makeover, Internet Marketing for Less than $500/Year and Freelance Writing for Magazines & Newspapers, a Book of the Month Club selection.

You’ll also get to listen and learn from another top marketing pro. Ilise Benun is the founder of Marketing Mentor and author of four books Self Promotion Online, Designing Websites for Every Audience and Public Relations For Dummies.

An expert in helping solopreneurs on a budget, from Ilise you’ll learn “Low Cost Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Business.”

Together these audios from Marcia and Ilise give you a full 3 hours of non-stop marketing advice. Again, that’s on top of the in-class marketing training you’ll receive from Valerie Young.

8) A Full Set of Business Start Up Tools and Templates

It’s often the little things that hang up new business owners.

That’s why, when you train to become a licensed Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coach, you’ll also receive the essential business start up tools you need to get you up and running faster.

In your business start-up kit you’ll find a complete set of sample talking points, email templates, and forms.  These talking points came about because new coaches kept saying, “Just tell me what to say.” So I did — word for word.

As part of your training you receive a “script” you can use when a prospective client calls to quickly and easily get them to say yes to working with you.

You’ll also get a script that covers the best way to kick off and wrap up each consulting session.

And to make sure everything flows you get my recommended session agenda complete with a Coaching Session Agenda “Cheat Sheet” and working script.

Everyone knows the importance of communicating clearly and effectively whenever you correspond with current or potential clients.

But hear again, it doesn’t make sense for you to waste your time re-inventing the wheel. Besides, not everyone has a flair for writing.

So to save you time and get you working with paying clients as quickly as possible the course provides you with sample emails including:

  • Appointment confirmation email to send to your client once you book the appointment
  • Follow-up email after the consulting session
  • Client testimonial request email
  • Replies to service inquiries

Plus you’ll also receive handy forms like:

  • Client Intake Form
  • Audio Taping Release Form
  • And more — all at the push of a button.

We want you to get launched as quickly as possible. But we also realize that whenever you communicate with clients, whether that’s verbally or in writing, you want to do it in your own voice.

That’s why all scripts, forms, and email templates are delivered in a format that you can easily modify to fit your practice and voice.

There’s another essential tool you’ll receive as part of this training.

9) Your License Gives You Exclusive Usage Rights to Offer Your Clients a FREE copy of It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Calling for One Full Year

TrueCallingeBookAs a licensed Profiting From Your Passions® career coach you have permission to provide each of your career clients with a powerful tool to help them tap into their passions.

It’s called It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Calling – A Handbook to Help You Find Your Passion and Get a Life.

The eBook sells for $19.95.

But your clients – or you– won’t pay that.

Instead, once your client books an appointment, you’ll be able to immediately send them their own password-protected access to a complimentary copy of the electronic version of this 100+ page book.

The ability to provide your clients with a free resource like It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Calling adds even greater value to your coaching practice.

Plus you get all the instructions on how to use this eBook as the ideal pre-work to help your clients prepare for their consulting session. That way your client — and YOU — have all the key information you need for a successful visualizing and idea generation session.

For the entire first year of your business you can use It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Calling with as many of your paying clients as you like, as often as you like. Having a tool like this available any time you need it is a great way to kick off your new business.

Even better, the clock doesn’t start ticking to calculate your first year in business until a full eight weeks after the last class ends. That way, if you are brand new to coaching, you’ll have time to get things up and running.

Should you want to continue to license It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Calling to use with clients after the first year, you may do so for an additional 12 months at the incredibly modest cost of only $29 per month.

I hope it’s clear by now that this course does not just gloss the surface.

The training portion of the Profiting From Your Passion® Career Coach Training and Business Start-Up Program is extensive and comprehensive leaving no base uncovered allowing you to master the concepts and get started working with paying clients right away.

Profit From your passion 1
The Right Support

We also know how important it is to start earning income as quickly as possible

That’s why when you register for the Profiting from Your Passions® career coach training starting this April you’ll also gain access to additional resources, plus an additional level of access to Valerie, support, and connection with other coaches.

One reason why people fail is they try to learn on their own. Then they get overwhelmed or they lose their nerve and they quit before ever even starting.

That’s not going to happen here. We’re going to do everything I can to give you the confidence to get your first paying client as fast as possible.

10) The Opportunity to Engage in Weekly Discussions With Other Students

Starting even prior to start of classes you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other students via a Private Student Only Facebook page.

This discussion page will be exclusively for students currently enrolled in the course.

For a full four months you’ll have access to a senior Profiting From Your Passions® career coach who will take the lead in facilitating each week’s discussion topic.

You’ll be able to post answers to individual assignments, engage in group brainstorming sessions, and discuss case studies.

Plus the forum gives you yet another opportunity to make sure all your pressing course questions get answered.

Access to this kind of peer support and expert guidance is an invaluable part of the learning process. If past experience is any indication, people on the forum will become fast friends and serve as a mutual support network for potentially years to come.

11) Post-Seminar Practice & Study Groups

After you’ve gone through the class and gotten the hang of the consulting techniques, you’ll also be given structured opportunities to practice your new skills.

For one, you’ll have the option to participate in a small Tele-study group with other students going through the program. That way you can review, discuss, and learn from all of the client case studies without having to integrate them all on your own.

This is also your chance to work 1-1 with another student to practice doing a client intake or conducting an entire mock laser brainstorming session.

Of course with students from different time zones literally all over the world it may be logistically impossible to schedule these Tele-study groups at a time that fits everyone’s needs. As always we will do our very best to make it work for as many students as possible.

12) You’ll Be Set Up With Your First Practice Client So You Can Get Your First Client Testimonial

When it comes to learning something new you have to “use it or lose it.” The people who get clients faster are the people who start using their new found knowledge and skills as quickly as possible.

You could go out and get practice clients on your own. In fact, Valerie actively encourages you to do just that. However, we also understand human nature. And how an important step like this can all too easily be added to the “I’ll get to it later” list.

Time goes by and your skills get rusty and you start to lose your confidence. Not this time.

Valerie has so much confidence in the caliber of the training you will receive starting this April that she’s willing to go out on a big limb for you.

Once the study groups are done, Valerie will be promoting the opportunity for her 26,000+ readers to schedule a practice session with a graduate of the Profiting from Your Passions® program.

In the past these brainstorming sessions were offered to people at no charge. But as you learned above, people who get things for free have a greater tendency to not follow through.

So this time we’re going to charge a nominal fee of $25-$50. We can either send the money to the coach or donate it to our favorite non-profit, Trickle Up. That decision will be up to you.

Working with practice clients will give you valuable experience – and confidence. Here’s what past students have had to say:

“The hardest part about starting a new service business is getting real experience to build your confidence and practice the skills you’ve learned. Valerie made that much easier by providing practice clients that gave me the opportunity to gain that experience and confidence in a safe environment. I got to contact the individual, familiarize them with the process, schedule the consultation, perform the consultation, and then follow-up with the individual, giving me practical experience with the process and the confidence I needed to know that I can succeed in this business. I wish every training program I’ve taken offered the same thing.”

~ Stephen Wertzbaugher, Littleton, CO

I’m excited to share with you that I have successfully completed my first Profiting From Your Passions career counseling session. My client is extremely happy and satisfied with the business idea, together we generated.

Wanted to thank you for the know-how you have created to enable people live life of their dreams.” 

~ Sanchita Grover, India

I had my first practice client today and it went really well. She is so miserable in her paralegal job [that] she is ready to walk out. Our session was this morning and I enjoyed it so much and she feels she can now move forward with her dream of writing.

We had a follow up call and my practice client is now writing five days a week. Since she is now doing some of what she really loves that is relieving some of the pressure from her stressful j-o-b.  She is so much happier and is looking forward to doing more coaching with me after the holidays.  I’m really excited about this next year! Your training is fantastic!” 

~ Donna Davis, Tucson, AZ

My client was so happy with everything and we have this great idea for her that she really loved! I felt so relieved after those sessions – feeling that I think I can do this and that I loved everything about it.

I even set up a meeting with my own coach, to coach her. She said that maybe she could help me with some ideas if I tried the method with her. I realized she would be a challenge, since she already has the life she wants. So I never thought I could give her any useful ideas – but we ended up booking another meeting since she wanted my help to develop several of my ideas!  She gave me so many compliments about my work and that was the best response I could receive because I really look up to her.

I have booked 1 more pilot client and then I will start charge my business. Thanks Valerie!! It means a lot to have this group.

~ Johanna Shuster, Finsta, Sweden

But having the chance to work with an actual client will give you something else as well… credibility.

That’s because after your session, your practice client will receive a follow-up evaluation from Changing Course. On it will be the opportunity to talk about you and how they benefited from the session.

That means you’ll have your first client testimonial that you can proudly place on your website or other marketing materials. Evidence that you indeed do have experience!

13) You’re not just learning a new specialty, you’re tapping into the collective wealth of a whole new “tribe” of kindred spirits.

Once you’ve finished your Tele-Study teams, it’s time to make the leap from the Student Facebook Forum and become a full-fledged member of the Profiting From Your Passions® coaches club!

Also on Facebook, this private forum is also where you can meet and network with coaches from all over the world. This is your chance to reach out to other coaches to form on-going success or Mastermind groups with one another.

Or you may choose to collaborate with other coaches to co-create seminars, information products, or other business-building activities.

Just a few weeks ago I told the group about an upcoming conference on how to sell to the federal government.

With three coaches on the forum being veterans, this would be a great opportunity to partner together to pursue a government contract to work with returning vets.

The Profiting From Your Passions® coach forum is also the place to go for advice and ideas for your clients – or for yourself. That’s what Maru did.

When she couldn’t decide between two business names she turned to the group.

Maru received a total of 17 comments and tons of great feedback. Best of all, the group helped Maru find an even better name!

And speaking of names…

As member of the private coach forum you’ll also be exposed to new resources and ideas you can share with your clients. Like a recent post about a company that pays people to come up winning business names.

Or a link to a creative entrepreneur who successfully combined his love of cartooning with his love of cooking to create unique cookbook called “Cooking Comically.”

Or the story of a high powered attorney who chucked it all to become a Lego artist. Today his sculptures sell for tens of thousands of dollars!

You won’t hear examples like these from a traditional career counselor.

But as a member of the international Profiting From Your Passions® coach community you’ll get a steady stream of fresh resources and ideas to share with your clients.


But again, don’t take our word for it…

juliabarnickle“This group is a great place to go for resources and inspiration, both from Valerie Young and from other members of the group. It’s turned into a real community where members can share and discuss ideas that we can use with our clients – ideas for businesses, as well as suggestions from our peers on ways of working with clients where we might have got stuck.

It’s also a great place to make useful connections. I’ve already been offered opportunities, by two members, to be interviewed on their web radio shows – opportunities to reach a wider audience that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. And I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as the benefits of being part of the PFYP coach on-line community are concerned.” 

Julia Barnickle London, England

NancyBrown“This group is a great way to expand the learning of PFYP and glean from the brilliance of all the participants, share strategies and information and find like-minded collaborators.”

~ Nancy Brown, Albany, Oregon

DeniceRivera“I really like the coach’s page. It’s quick, easily accessible since I’m already on Facebook and the info is great!”

~ Denice Rivera

Steve Coxsey“It’s so fun to bring a question to this group and see what happens!”  

~ Steve Coxsey

LyanitaCichy“OMG… is so easy for me to connect with the other individuals in our group and assist one another faster. Four women have contacted me regarding being interviewed for my radio show! I have three women scheduled and I’m working on their interview packages now. I received another reply today, and I’m going to contact her and schedule as soon as possible. I love the fact that we’re able to be of service to each other. The resources and the inspiration everyone is providing are PRICELESS!!” 

~ Laynita Cichy

LindaKatz“I require a daily” shot of inspiration.” Other members are facing similar challenges and have similar questions. The ability to brainstorm or get support from a group of people who understand you is fantastic!”

~ Linda Katz

“I was pleasantly shocked at ALL the information and wonderful ideas and resources on the private PFYP coach page! Incredible! There are people like this elsewhere in the world who just love to generate ideas like I do.”

~ Jack, Uganda

As my friend Barbara Sher always says, “Isolation is the dream killer.” That won’t happen to you.

Access to this kind of peer support means you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

The chance to be a member of the Private Profiting From Your Passions® Coach Networking Forum is just one way you will be supported. There’s more…

14) Being “Seen and Heard” Just Got Easier!

Whenever I can I go out of my way to leverage her relationships to help you grow your practice. That also includes my vast media contacts.

Thanks to a referral from me, a graduate of the Profiting From Your Passions® program was featured in Psychology Today magazine. They even sent a photographer to do a photo shoot. How cool is that!


Plus we get requests all the time from people who want Valerie to reprint their article in the Changing Course Newsletter. With a subscriber list of 26,000+ they know they’ll be getting a lot of exposure!

Obviously our first priority is to our valued Changing Course readers. So anything we include in the newsletter must add value to their lives in some way.

That said, as a Profiting From Your Passions® coach, any qualified guest articles you submit for inclusion in the Changing Course Newsletter will automatically have priority status.

One reprint alone can result in a sizable bump to your own email list!

“What Is My Investment
To Launch Myself into This
Whole New Business — and Life?”

Your investment to become a Licensed Profiting From Your Passions® career coach is surprisingly low. Especially when you consider that there are no royalties to be paid on any future business you conduct.

I could easily charge upwards of $5,000 for this program. Especially when you consider everything you get…

    • All 25 classes on everything from mastering the Profiting From Your Passion® 7-Step Formula to How to Design a Business That’s Right for You.
    • “Mastering the Profiting From Your Passions® Formula” manual
    • License to use the Profiting From Your Passions® Formula with your clients or workshop attendees
    • Exclusive Usage Rights to Use “It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Calling” As Your Clients Pre-Work for 1 Full Year
    • Step-by-step instruction in how to work with clients
    • The  “Conducting the Client Consultation” manual
    • Learn By Example With “Live” Recordings of 10 Actual Client Sessions
    • Written Transcripts of all 10 Client Case Study Audios
    • Opportunity to join weekly discussion groups via the private student forum on Facebook
    • “Designing Your Business, Attracting Clients, and Getting Ready for Success” manual
    • The Profiting From Your Passion Coaches Website & Marketing Guide — Includes precise instruction as to which pages you need to create on your website and the exact words to attract paying clients
    • Marcia Yudkin’s “Top 5 Best and Fastest Ways to Promote Your Business” Audio
    • Ilise Benun’s “Low Cost Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Business” Audio

~ Rick Terry, Houston, TX

~ Karen Washington Heck, Tulsa, OK

~ Steve Coxsey, Southlake, TX

    • The opportunity to participate in a small 12-week Tele- or Skype-study group and support team. Teams begin immediately following online training so you start practicing your new skills right away with a peer group who wants you to succeed as much as you do!
    • Gain confidence for yourself and credibility with your future clients by having Changing Course set you up with your first practice client which includes a process to get that all important client testimonial for your website
    • Future access to the private Profiting From Your Passions® Facebook networking group
    • Opportunity for Your Value-Added Articles to Appear in the Changing Course Newsletter Read by Over 28,000+ Career Changers Around the World.


Plus 3 More Resources I Didn’t Even Talk About


And to launch you and your new business even faster, at the conclusion of the program, you’ll also receive:

    • A complete set of professionally-designed, Profiting From Your Passions® Powerpoint presentation to use for future Webinar or in-person presentations and workshops. A $499 value
    • Audio recording of 20 Ways to Find the Time, Money, and Courage to Transition from Having a Boss to Being Your Own Boss. $39 value
    • Audio recording of How to Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams with best-selling author Barbara Sher. A $39 value

That’s not all. Your license gives you the ability to showcase your new credentials with your choice of professionally-designed Profiting From Your Passions® banners you can proudly display on your website or in your marketing materials…


Kim_Soskin“I got far more than I anticipated. Considering everything I gained, this course fee is a bargain.”

~ Kim Soskin, Alameda, CA


“I’ve invested in other marketing specific training and feel this is the most bang-for-the-buck to date. Thank you. Right place, right time, right opportunity. Now I have tools to help guide my advancing work.”

~ Bob Ogilvy, Los Angeles, CA

A great value at twice the price. There’s no fluff anywhere! About a thousand pages of text in the material, almost 4 pads of different colored post-it notes flagging important information, and two jam-packed days later, I have never been so excited about a class. This weekend changed my life inspired me AND my family. It’s clear that a tremendous amount of work went into this program and I am so grateful. Thank you!

~ Elke Ridenour, Brentwood, TN

Now that you’ve seen how much training, tools, and support you get, I think you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to train to become a licensed Profiting from Your Passions® career coach.

In fact I want to make this special training and business opportunity as affordable as possible.

The registration fee for the 12-Week Online Class plus on-going support is just $2,497. Or if you choose, you can launch your new career using a convenient 8-month payment plan of just $349.

This training offers you a proven coaching protocol you can use to work with paying clients or workshop attendee as well as a complete set of business start-up forms. At the conclusion of the course, you will be fully licensed to use the Profiting from Your Passions® formula in your practice.

$500 Off Early Bird
Discount Ends Today!


What’s more, when you register early—on or before April 14th you’ll save a full $500.

Access to the entire 25 class series including recordings of all classes and the four course manuals, recorded case studies plus written transcripts in easy to search downloadable format, business-start up templates and forms on CD, the 2 marketing expert CDs, opportunity to join the weekly student discussion forum and Tele-study groups, PLUS license to use the Profiting From Your Passion® Formula and coaching system with your clients, for only $1,997. Or, if it’s easier you can get started today for an initial payment of just $287. Then starting in 30 days, your credit card will be billed 7 additional payments.

“Borrow Valerie’s Brain”
(A $1,200 Value)

When you pay your registration in full
you’ll receive a private 45-minute
personalized Marketing Strategy
and Niche Market Discovery

Session with Valerie Young.
PLUS you can schedule three 30 minute
“Pick Valerie’s Brain” calls anytime
you like – for a full year!


Susan_Baker“I can’t recommend this program enough… Valerie offers not only the inspiration to help you realize your own calling and jumpstart your own “created career” but she hands you the keys to the kingdom — all the practical tools to get your consultancy up and running, handing down her invaluable expertise and tried and true methods along the way. She trains you to see what others may not, helping to guide your clients to life changing a-ha moments. Don’t miss this opportunity — I’ll always be grateful I didn’t!”

~ Susan Baker, North Hollywood, CA

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA“I have nothing but praise for Valerie, her model, the comprehensive program and materials she has developed. She and they will prepare you to become the coach you dream of being and to turn your Passions into Profits… as well as those of your clients.”

~ Stephen Wright, Kendalia, TX

BonnieTaylorWachowicz“I have bought my share of programs and self study courses. This is the only one that actually has EVERYTHING I need to operate a consulting business. I was looking for a “real” consulting model and this has it.” 

~ Bonnie Taylor Wachowicz

My Personal Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed SignI am so confident that this course will give you the proven consulting process, the tools, and the confidence to help your clients to find ways to turn their interests into income that I’m willing to personally guarantee it.

If you participate in the full program – the on-line classes and the client case studies – you do the work, and you complete one client practice session, and you do not feel the program lived up to its promise to give you the knowledge, the tools, and the support you need to do this work, then you have up to one full month after the program ends to request and receive a full refund. All you need to do is return any course materials, along with your signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, and you will be issued a prompt refund.

Of course, the decision is yours and yours alone to make. What I can tell you though, is that indecision is a form of self-abuse.

What’s more, when you finally do make an important decision – any decision – the world opens up to embrace it.

I’m guessing that’s what happened to the 18th century writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who, at just 25, was already a literary celebrity.

Why else would he remind us that…

“At The Moment Of Commitment
The Entire Universe Conspires To Assist You.”

Everything you need to change course, is right here.

You and I are witnessing a powerful shift… a shift from searching for a job… to the relentless pursuit to find one’s passion.

A shift from a single-minded focus on turning a profit… to a burning desire to make money doing what you love.

If you feel called to do this work, I urge you not to miss this chance.


Still have questions? Visit the FAQ page.

That’s where you’ll find in depth answers to all of your burning questions including…

Course Questions

Am I right for this course?
What’s the class format and when does it begin?
What are the course goals?
What’s included in this course?
Will this course teach me how to help people find a good job or how to be a life coach?NEW Can I see the course schedule?
I missed the Paid to Brainstorm Informational video series – can I still get these?

Lifestyle Questions

NEW But how can I help someone else if I can’t help myself?
Can I do this part-time?

Can I do this kind of work from anywhere?

Money Questions

Is there really a need for this kind of career coaching?
Can I really make money at this?
What do you charge for a consultation?
How do I project earnings from this or any business
How do I determine what’s a fair price for this course – or any investment?”
NEW How to Fund Your Dream eBook

Or email us or call 413/535-5107

Important Note: This entire program is based on the lessons that myself and others have learned about how to succeed as a Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach. While I honestly believe this information is useful and valuable, I cannot guarantee that you will get the same results that I’ve gotten (or that anyone in the program has gotten). All of this information should be considered “informational” in nature, and not as specific business, legal, or financial advice. If you invest in this program, you are taking full responsibility for making sure that any idea you use, implement, don’t implement, or integrate into your business is legal, ethical, and prudent. By purchasing this program or using any of the information on this site, you are also agreeing to hold me, my company, my guests, and their companies 100% harmless in the event that you lose money or are harmed in any way as a result of the use or lack of use of anything you’ve learned from this program, our company, or any of the guests at the program. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not guaranteed.
Let me be clear. There is no refund for non-participation.
Nor are there refunds for deciding after the fact that you’d rather open a consignment shop or start a handy-man service. After all, you wouldn’t think of paying to take a dance class and then asking the instructor for your money back because as it turns out you don’t really like to dance!

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