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Do you love to brainstorm?

Are you constantly coming up with new business ideas?

Do you enjoy helping others find solutions?

You have a gift. Why waste it?

Hi — I’m Valerie Young.

I’ve been the Dreamer in Residence at Changing Course since 1995.

But I’ve been an “idea person” all of my life — only today I get paid to do it.

And as you’re about to discover — so can you.

That’s why I created this information-packed and fun workshop series called Paid to Brainstorm.

Whether you’re a seasoned career/life/executive coach looking to add another specialty to your practice and more money in your pocket…

Or you’re simply an “idea person” who’d like to do something that  comes so naturally that it doesn’t even feel like work…

Then what could be more fun than sitting at home (or anywhere in the world) and brainstorming with people over the telephone about creative ways they can make living without a job…. and actually getting paid to do it.

Who knows… you may just discover that your “calling” is helping other people find theirs.

You’ll Discover

  • Why traditional career counselors and coaches are great at helping people find their perfect j-o-b, but are simply ill-prepared to help people who want to do their own thing
  • A simple way to “connect the dots” between what you love to do and how you can make money doing it — a skill others will gladly pay you to do for them as well
  • My signature “Life First – Work Second Approach to Career Planning” (apply this before you or your future clients even think about making a career change)
  • The 5 best places to look for income-generating business ideas
  • Creative (and inspiring!) ways that real people have turned their interests into a profitable side gig or a full-on business
  • 10 Ways you can get paid to brainstorm (some will definitely surprise you!)

Valerie Young C

Meet Dr. Valerie Young

Valerie has been the Dreamer in Residence at Changing Course since 1995.

Since escaping the corporate world herself she built a reputation as a leading career expert.

But Valerie is no ordinary “career coach.”

Rather she excels at serving people who embrace the Changing Course motto to…

Live life on purpose ~ Work at what you love ~ Follow your own road

Little wonder why today over 26,000 people around the world subscribe her Changing Course Newsletter.

Valerie is also an internationally-known expert on the impostor syndrome…. the fancy name for that nagging voice that says, “I’m in over my head and they’re going to find out I’m not as smart or capable as they think I am.”

She’s shared her practical solutions with over 80,000 people at such diverse organizations as Facebook, Boeing, Procter & Gamble, Intel, Stanford University, Society of Women Engineers… and many others.

2013pressIn 2008 she landed a six-figure book deal with Random House for her award-winning book The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women now available in 5 languages.

And her career tips have been featured in major media outlets on five continents including BBC radio, USA Weekend magazine, O magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Globe & Mail, Glamour (UK), The Sydney Morning Herald… to name just a few.

But as an enthusiastic advocate of self-employment, what Valerie is perhaps most proud of is creating of the first and only career coach training program that prepares people to serve the exploding numbers of people around the world who want to live and work “outside the job box.”

Since 2006 over 350 people from 19 countries have become licensed Profiting from Your Passions® career coaches. The best part? You don’t need any formal coaching experience to do it. All you need is your creative mind.

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